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From "steeven" <>
Subject Form validator error in logicsheet
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 03:26:20 GMT
My form validator code worked well under xsp file. when i moved them to logicshee, and error
raised. It was reported that ths generated java file is wrong.
Is it a bug?

============= guestbook-logic.xsl ==============
<xsl:template match="guestbook:check-form">
	Error: <xsp-formval:results/><br/>
	<xsp-formval:descriptor name="context:///test/descriptor.xml" constraint-set="guestbook">
		age must not less than
		<xsp-formval:get-attribute parameter="age" name="min"/>
	    	<xsp-formval:on-null name="age">
	    		null age

here is the generated xsp file:
          if (XSPFormValidatorHelper.getParamResult(objectModel,"age").equals(ValidatorActionResult.ISNULL))
	    		null age

===========error reported on browser====
Line 409, column 32:  ';' expected
Line 409, column 24:  class null not found in class org.apache.cocoon.www.file

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