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From Tom Loebach <>
Subject sitemap construction help
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 00:12:10 GMT

This is probably a pretty basic question but I am having a had time figuring out how to create
a sitemap entry that handles the following situation.

I want to send cocoon a URI that looks like this:

http://server:8080/cocoon/app?color=red (or)


I have a server that generates XML based upon a generator request that looks like this:

http://server/xml_generator?color=red (or)


My xml_generator is a service that provides different XML output based upon the value of the
"color" variable.

My question is "How do I write the sitemap entry when I want to pass variables in the URI"?

A sitemap entry that works but is undesirable is this:

<map:match pattern="/appred">
  <map:generate src=http://server/xml_generator?color=red/>
  <map:transform src="document2html.xsl"/>

I want to write a sitemap entry that looks like this but it does not work. I want to be able
to have a variable in the URI be passed to the generator.

<map:match pattern="/app*">
  <map:generate src=http://server/xml_generator{1}/>
  <map:transform src="document2html.xsl"/>

So if I sent cocoon a URI like this; http://server/app?color=red, I would expect the generator
to send a request that looks like this; http://server/xml_generator?color=red.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can write the sitemap entry to allow for variables?




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