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From Frank Ridderbusch <>
Subject Aggregation and Error Conditions
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 20:22:39 GMT
Hi Cocooners,

I'm just wondering, whether an option for an alternate error processing 
in aggregation would be useful.

I'm typically using a sitemap setup like the following. The sidebar.xml file
contains navigational information.

     <map:match pattern="**/*">
        <map:aggregate element="page">
          <map:part src="{1}/{2}.xml"/>
          <map:part element="sidebar" src="{1}/sidebar.xml"/>

Some CVS heads ago, I would receive an exception on the browser, when
sidebar.xml was not available. Now the exception only shows up in the log files.
However there is a noticable delay for the exception handling.

I'm wondering now, if a selectable attribute to "map:part" would usefull, which
would specify, that map:part should immediately return with an error element
when the src is not available. Staying with the above example something like:

	<error>file xxxx/sidebar.xml not found.</error>

For me personally I would find this behaviour in connection with the 
DirectoryGenerator usefull (file name <=> document title mapping).

Am I making sense?

I've poked into the sources, unfortunatly I'm not in the position to supply a
simple patch (would setup() and/or generate() in 
sitemap/ be the right location?). Or are there other 
means to achieve the desired behaviour. I think the documentation 
doesn't mention anything.

Frank Ridderbusch

Since I have taken all the Gates out of my computer, it finally works!!

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