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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: MOD-DB problem
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 08:36:07 GMT
On 06.Jun.2002 -- 09:40 PM,  Christian Haul  wrote:
> Frank Taffelt wrote:
> >it seems that new MODDB Actions doesn't alway's process the tables in the
> >right order.
> >
> >In my understanding the processorder of the tables is determined by their
> >order in the table-set element.
> >Under some  circumstances this order is violated.
> Mmmh, no. They are processed in table definition order. Always. Should 
> have been documented, I think. It stems from the fact that you could use 
> the action without any table-set -- then all tables would be used. This 
> is a) because the actions started as a patche :-) of the original 
> actions and b) for compatibility with them.
> I agree, that it is desireable to control the order data is inserted. 
> Actually, it would make the setup even easier.
> So, no its not a bug but a feature. Anyway, if no one objects I'm happy 
> to change that behaviour. I reckon that no-one relies on working without 
> table-sets anyway.

I've committed the change to HEAD. Behaviour without tablesets is


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