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From Ulf Ã…kerberg <>
Subject Problem with empty e
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 06:22:41 GMT

Hi !

I have installed version 2.02 an a HP_UX 11.0 system, Weblogic Server 6.1 SP2, JDK

Following the advice on the list I have:

- unpacked the war file

- unpacked the jar files in the lib directory and placed them in classes

After this Cocon deploys without any errors.

When I try to access cocoon the file is generated and placed in (WORK_DIR)/cocoon-files.
Next step is to compile it.This fails, as the is empty. Cocoon then displays
the message ...due to a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cocoon.www.sitemap_xmap

I have also tried to set "incremental-processing" to "true".

Read a bug report with a similar problem with the advice to clean WORK_DIR/cocoon-files. As
this is created every time I restart the server it does not help me, it is empty. 

The log file contains:

 DEBUG   (2002-06-07) 08:02.15:708   [cocoon  ] (/cocoon/) ExecuteThread: '10' fo
r queue: 'default'/AbstractMarkupLanguage: AbstractMarkupLanguage addLogicsheetT
oList: logicsheetName file:/opt/weblogic/weblogic61/wlserver6.1/config/utvdomain
DEBUG   (2002-06-07) 08:02.15:710   [cocoon  ] (/cocoon/) ExecuteThread: '10' fo
r queue: 'default'/AbstractMarkupLanguage: AbstractMarkupLanguage addLogicsheetT
oList: adding dependency on file /opt/weblogic/weblogic61/wlserver6.1/config/utv
DEBUG   (2002-06-07) 08:02.26:025   [cocoon  ] (/cocoon/) ExecuteThread: '10' fo
r queue: 'default'/JavaLanguage: Compiling /opt/weblogic/weblogic61/wlserver6.1/
WARN    (2002-06-07) 08:02.29:545   [cocoon  ] (/cocoon/) ExecuteThread: '10' fo
r queue: 'default'/JavaLanguage: Could not load class for program 'org/apache/co

There are no other ERRORS in the log files

Any ideas ?



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