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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: multipart/forms binary upload in mysql
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 07:59:17 GMT
On 06.Jun.2002 -- 06:56 AM, Andrew Timberlake wrote:
> Gerhard
> I think that your problem is not mysql but the use of the
> DatabaseAddAction.
> Looking through the source for the DatabaseAddAction indicates no
> awareness of Uploaded Files.
> The error you are receiving below shows that cocoon is correctly
> retrieving your file and placing it in a FilePartFile object but the
> DatabaseAddAction is retrieving the data through request.getParameter()
> which only returns a string showing you the toString() results of the
> FilePartFile object.
> If you handle the database work in your own action you will have no
> problem adding the binary data (Correction: using mysql's default
> limits, you will only be able to store 1M of information (Change
> max_allowed_packet if you need more)).
> You should be able to write a small action which reads the FilePart and
> places the actual file into a request Attribute.

And if you were using the "new" database actions (scratchpad in 2.0.3,
o.a.c.acting.modular package in HEAD), you would just write your custom
"InputModule" (o.a.c.components.modules.input) which is *really*
simple. Ahem, well, currently the setColumn method does not allow to
provide an InputStream or a Reader to it but that would be POC to


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