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From "Kai Bruns" <>
Subject RE: multiple values from a form
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 07:51:15 GMT

Hi Axel,

> Dear Cocoon users!
>Could some kind soul please send me some sample code how to cope with
>the result of <xsp-request:get-parameter-values/> with Cocoon 1.8.2? I
>somehow seem to be unable to figure out myself...

I don't exactly know what <xsp-request:get-parameter-values/> does in
Cocoon 1.8.x, but I guess it's a tag from a taglib that simply wraps
request-object in a XSP-page. And I guess you have to use it with an
attribute like "name" or something to specify the request parameter to use.

>background: A form offers the user the choice to select several values
>for a single attribute (each value encoded as a single char, e.g. "T",
>"G", etc.). I'd like to concatenate all different chars into a single
>string and save it into a database column. So far I've managed to
>connect to the database and collect all the other form variables, but
>this multiple value thing is driving me crazy... I've tried pure xslt,
>combined with Java, pure Java (as I've found in some other example) --
>all to no avail.

I preferred using java-code directly in XSP. Try

String[] values = request.getParameterValues("yourParameterName");

within an <xsp:logic> tag an use 'values' to build whatever you want ;-)

>Any hint & tip would be very much appreciated!
>Upgrading to Cocoon2 unfortunately is not an option.
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Hope this helps,


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Please check that your question has not already been answered in the
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