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From "Enrico Gulfi">
Subject Reading request parameters
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 13:31:12 GMT
Hi everybody,

I'm new to Cocoon so forgive me if my problem seems trivial to you :-) I'm
using C2 with Tomcat 4.0.3 on Win2000.

I'm trying to pass a request parameter to a transformation as following:

   <map:match pattern="test?par1=*&par2=*">
    	<map:generate src="{1}.xml" />
	<map:transform src="{2}.xsl" />
	<map:serialize />

As soon as I request a page, in the Cocoon servlet I get the following

"The reference to entity "par2" must end with the ';' delimiter".

In other words, the ampersand is looked at as a starting entity... I tried
with a backslash in front of &, but nothing changes.

So my basic question is: how do I extract and pass request parameter values?

Thanks a lot,


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