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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon sunSpot vs. Jetspeed / User Management and Authentication
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 09:02:05 GMT
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> Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 10:44 AM
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> Subject: Cocoon sunSpot vs. Jetspeed / User Management and
> Authentication
> Hi!
> I just read parts of the sunSpot documentation and got a dejavu feeling,
> while reading about sunlets and things like that. It seems that
> Jetspeed has
> a similar functionality (as far as I understand it) but Jetspeed is never
> mentioned in the docs.

Jetspeed and Cocoon are two different projects with the same aim: a portal.
> Here are my questions:
> * Is sunSpot something similar to Jetspeed? If so, why doesn't it use the
> already existing Jetspeed?
The main difference between Jetspeed and sunspot is that sunspot is build
on top of cocoon, that means you can use all features of cocoon like the
xml processing pipelines, stylesheets for layout etc to build your portal.
Jetspeed is a separate technology, so if you want to use cocoon *and* if
you want a portal, jetspeed is (afaik) not an alternative.

> * What's the difference / similarity between sunlets and portlets? Can
> portlets be part of a sunlet?
A sunlet is simply a URI which produces XML, this can either be a Cocoon
XML pipeline, or an http request or any other URI. I don't know the
jetspeed portlets, but if they are accessible via a URI, yes you can use
them as a sunlet.

> * How stable/usable is sunRise and its components for production use? When
> can we expect a first stable release (I don't need an exact date,
> just tell
> me in some weeks or in some years ;-)?
sunrise and sunspot are stable. Both are a donnation of our company
(S&N AG, Germany) and are just for more than one year in various production
environments. An official cocoon release containing those two parts is
expected in summer this year.

> * Are there any attempts to support User Management and Authentication
> Standards like XACML (, RBAC
> (, SAML
> (, ...?
Sorry, I don't know those, but the sunrise authentication mechanism is
very flexible. sunrise itself is only a framework where you can plug-in
your authentication scheme, so I generally would say, if these standards
are usuable within a java servlet you can simply use it in sunrise
by writing a simple connector (and believe me this should be a really
simple connector and not a hugh project by itself).

> We are currently evaluating new technology for our web
> architecture and thus
> evaluating User Management and Authentication solutions too which
> integrate
> very well within Websites and Web-Applications and allow customization,
> Single-sign-on and Profiling of User- and Application data,
> possible backed
> by a LDAP authentication.
> Is Cocoon sunRise the way to go or am I looking at the wrong place?
This is not an easy question for *me*;)
In fact, the answer is simple: if you want
to use Cocoon for building your web application, sunRise is afaik the
only way to go - and it's a good choice, too :)
If you don't want to use Cocoon, well, you can use sunRise.

With sunRise you can do single-sign-on, Profiling of User- and
Application data, LDAP authentication and many more. We already have
done this in some projects...

Just let me know if I can provide you more information.


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