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From Viorres Nikos <>
Subject DELI and Cocoon with no legacy device support
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 15:07:15 GMT
Hi all,

I am having a few problems with the latest version of Cocoon (2.0.2) and its
DELI support. It seems that I cant disable the supportLegacyDevice feature
(I am trying to do that by changing the value in deliconfig.xml) which is
wierd since it works for the DELI test servlet. I am using a java client
that incorporates a proxy server and lets the user to select/modify a
profile trough a GUI and send it to a remote server. Whenever I disable
legacy device support in cocoon the deli test page does not print out the
profile although I know my proxy is sending it - and when I use legacydevice
support the profile that I send does not override the legacy profile (but I
guess that should be normal).


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