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From "Rune Sandnes" <>
Subject Livesites
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 09:48:20 GMT

Another live site you can add to the Cocoon 2 livesites list: 
TINE, the largest Norwegian dairy company is at

The site is mostly in Norwegian, but has an international section. (TINE
is the company that makes Jarlsberg cheese)

It runs on Cocoon 2.0.2 under Websphere, and with Squid as accellerating
proxy to handle load. The reason we chose to use Squid was that
Websphere performed poorly compared to Tomcat when we stress tested with
Siege. ( 

We discovered that the reason for Websphere's poorer performance was
logging, when we turned off our log routines performance was improved.
We kept Siege anyway as it does give a performance boost.

The site has a functions that are potential processor hogs, mostly in
the name of design. Politically incorrect, all titles are generated SVG
(serialized to PNG) to get the correct font. Pictures are scaled
server-side, and have rounded edges.

Processed pictures are stored in the database for caching purposes, and
the generated titles are cached by Cocoon, so the site would be
adequately fast without Squid, but it IS faster with Squid, and FEELS
faster for the user.

Thank you all for the invaluable support on this list!

Klapp Media,

PS! The previous site I tried to get listed at the livesites list is
still not there, please add as a Cocoon 2 site as

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