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Subject Re: cannot deploy on JBoss 3
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 13:11:51 GMT
>JBoss3RCx has introduced a new Classloader mechanism. This influenced loading 
>url protocol handler classes.
>So DirContextHandler of Catalina will not be loaded and the url protocol 
>jndi: is not working. (in fact it is more complicated...)
>Its not visible in stacktrace in your mail, but it seems to be this problem.

...that is the problem I get at the moment at home. But I do not get this problem at work...basically
because I mustn't have set my environment up correctly? (Is there a rough JBoss3RCX/Cocoon
install guide? do you still need all those files in catalina/common/lib ? do you need to then
edit web.xml ?) Only when I get the JNDI error can I then worry about patching I guess.

>There should be an Malformed url exception: could not load url handler for 
>protocol jndi:
>NOTE: this is true for embedded Catalina only.
>What i done is a hack.
>it registers the missing protocol in embedded catalina.
>it does some other hackisch stuff...
>Appended is a patch against rc3 code of jboss3. you have to compile this 
>beast - its not an easy job for normal cocoon users.
>I sent this patch  to jboss too. maybe somebody reviews that and its in the 
>next release. Request-ID is 561405.

..when I posted on JBoss I got suggested to edit my file 

Thanks for the patch...I'll certainly give it a try...


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