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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject Running Cocoon as integrated app
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 20:59:53 GMT
I'm attempting to run Cocoon 2.0.2 as an integrated application under Tomcat
4.0.4b and JBoss 2.2.4.  I can get it up and running stand alone under
Tomcat/JBoss just fine.  When I rebuild the a new War file containing the
Cocoon files combined with my files into my Ear file thing appear to deploy
properly.  The JBoss/Tomcat console shows all the usual start up messages
from Cocoon.  However, whenever I attempt to access any of the Cocoon
resources I get a 404: The requested resource (Not Found) is not available
from Tomcat, which seems to indicate Cocoon is not able to find the files in
the expanded War file.  Looking at the blown out War in the Tomcat/Jboss tmp
directory shows nothing I wouldn't expect...
The Cocoon access log seems to show that the request is in fact getting to
Cocoon.  For example, if I attempt to access
http://localhost/test/cocoon/welcome I get the following in the log:

DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:026   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Changing Cocoon context
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:026   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment:   from
web1003/) and prefix()
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment:   to context(sitemap.xmap) and
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment:   at URI cocoon/welcome
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment: New context is
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/test/Cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Set the URI Prefix (OLD=, NEW=)
DEBUG   (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/testcocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Reset context to
INFO    (2002-05-02) 15:38.27:036   [access] (/test/cocoon/welcome)
HttpProcessor[80][4]/CocoonServlet: 'cocoon/welcome' Processed by Apache
Cocoon 2.0.2 in 10 milliseconds.

I don't know what the status codes [80][4] mean in the above? 

Test is the name of the Ear file and the application path for Tomcat...  The
Cocoon lib files are all being accessed out the WEB-INF/lib directory under
the War along with my application jar files (3 jar files, all internally
developed).  The integrated application has a servlet that runs just fine.

FWIW, I've also tried stripping down Cocoon, removing all extraneous web
files and using my own site map with exactly the same results.

Any ideas on why Cocoon would pass a 404 back to Tomcat?  Any ideas on how
to fix this?  I'm guessing some class loader issues but I'm seeing nothing
in the logs or on the console...

Peter Hunsberger

Phone: 901-495-5252

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