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From Pete Carapetyan <>
Subject ProcessingException on xml file
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 12:06:54 GMT
This is the error I am getting, while attempting to transform an xml file and display it as
The notifies that org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException
Could not read resource [file blah.xml] java.lang.RuntimeException: 2 >= 1
Which would make more sense perhaps, except it was processing that exact same file just fine,
it even displayed it as html on my browser up to the point that it found the xml that it didn't
like. I can even eliminate this error totally and display the xml fine, by removing some of
the xml. But the XML that had to be removed validates fine.

Even that would make sense except I am only using examples of the most fundamental, dumbest,
stripped down type, from various example sources. It is a docbook DTD, a docbook.xsl.

Anybody seen this before? Nothing seems to be on the mail list archives.

cocoon 2.0.2
windoze 2000
jdk 1.3.1
tomcat 4.0

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