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From Gerhard Froehlich <>
Subject Re: [OT] HTML email (RE: [docs] Suggestions about <pre></pre> and/or<code></code> in the docs)
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 16:54:58 GMT
Martin Stricker wrote:
> Gerhard Froehlich wrote:
>>Martin Stricker wrote:
>>>MJ Ray wrote:
>>>>von Schwerdtner, Thomas (GXS, FPI) wrote:
>>>>>[...] Does ANYONE know of a way to shut this off or to whip
>>>>>Outlook into shape?
>>>>Yes.  Shut off Outlook.
>>>Or tell Outlook to use text only. Tools->Options, Register e-Mail
>>>Format, select text as the format. Sorry if the menu entries are
>>>wrong, I only have the German version of Outlook.
>>Ack...shut off Outlook. I did it today and moved everything to
>>mozilla1.0 RC1. Yes it rulez...
> Indeed it does rule! :-)) But I gave that advice because in some cases
> one is *forced* to use Outlook, like myself at work. Ack indeed...
> *shudder* ;-)

YOU LUCKY...I'm forced to use Lotus Notes... ;-)



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