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From Alejandro Raiczyk <>
Subject Question about WildcardURIMatcher
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 14:17:52 GMT
Hi people, I've got this situation:

When I make a request, for example, of a gif like y/z.gif (where
y=y1/y2/../yn, n>=0) from a page p in x/ ({document_root}/x/p.xml, where
x=x1/x2/../xn, x>=0) the URI passed to the matcher is x/y/z.gif.
The only part I care from this URI is y/z, I mean, I don't care where the
page that is making the request is, because I want z.gif to be taken from

I tried diferent pattern matchings, and couldn't find one that works. The
problem is to identify where x ends (or where y begins), so I tried to use a
explicit delimiter in the URIs like

	<img src="#y/z.gif"/>

and then match this with:

	<map:match pattern="**#**.gif">
		<map:read mime-type="image/gif" src="img/{2}.gif"/>

but it didn't work also.

Can someone help me with this ?

Thanks in advance.

Alejandro D. Raiczyk
Desarrollo de Proyectos
Technisys Informática S.R.L.
Tel./Fax: +54(11)4322-7100 int 133

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