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From Jens Nie <>
Subject Re: renewed Newbie Question
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 19:41:33 GMT
Am Montag, 27. Mai 2002 14:43 schrieb Graaf, Edgar de (fin):
> If I understand you correctly you want users to be able to place xml in
> cocoon that is processed by cocoon.
> Well:
> 1. Create a subdirectory in ../cocoon/
> 2. Mount that directory (in the sitemap.xmap of /cocoon/)
> 3. In that subdirectory you place a sitemap.xmap
> 4. Per user make a directory and give them access.
> 5. If you want them to be able to run xsp you add the following to the
> sitemap:
> <map:match pattern="apidoc/**.xsp">
>   <map:generate type = "serverpages" src = "docs/{1}.xsp"/>
>   <!--<map:transform src="....whatever...."/>-->
>   <map:serialize type = "html"/>
> </map:match>
Well at first thank you for that suggestion. But i think it does not exactly 
match what i wan't to do using cocoon. See the following example:


gives me the simplest xml-to html transform possible. That's taken from the 
live samples section of cocoon, and is working pretty well.
As far as i understand the whole thing, this works because tomcat running at 
localhost:8080 knows to run cocoon on this url as /cocoon/ is in the path and 
it's an xml-document. What I wan't to have working is the same thing with the 
following url:


or even better


that is really all that would be satisfying (at the moment of course)

Thanks for any help


			Dipl.-Phys. Jens Nie
	Fachbereich Physik, Universität Osnabrück,

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