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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: how do I redirect in an Action?
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 16:08:25 GMT
On 23.May.2002 -- 05:00 PM, Graaf, Edgar de (fin) wrote:
> Christopher,
> <map:act...> can't contain matchers, how else would cocoon know that the
> action should be run?

Edgar, AFAIK this is not true. <map:act> can contain all other tags
that are allowed within a pipeline. 

Depending on the amount of "pipeline fragments" protected by the
action it would be worthwhile to use a subsitemap, though.

Another misconception in this thread seems to be that the tags after
the action will always be processed. That is only true if it was
determined that they are part of the actual pipeline.

The whole process is made in two steps:
1) determine what the pipeline actually contains by evaluating
actions, matchers, selectors, call and redirect tags. A pipeline is
terminated when a serializer is found. For the sake of brevity I
consider a reader here to be a (generator + serializer).

2) Use the components (readers, generators, transformers, serializers)
determined in step 1. Note that in this step no actions, matchers, or
selectors are used.

IOW if a serializer is nested inside a map:act tag, it effectively
terminates the pipeline and tags beneath the map:act will not be

It works just like it was mentioned with redirects or calls.



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