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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Generate multi-level XML document using standard SQL select statement
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 07:35:45 GMT
On 12.May.2002 -- 10:17 AM, Evan Sho wrote:
> Just tried MS SQL server 2000. I can type in browser:
> http://localhost/mydb?sql=select * from dept, emp
> where for xml auto&root=List
> then, I will get XML:
> <List>
>   <dept id='10' name='Sales'>
>     <emp id='10' name='King' salary='5000'/>
>     <emp id='20' name='John' salary='200'/>
>   </dept>
>   <dept id='20' name='Account'>
>     <emp id='30' name='Peter' salary='2000'/>
>   </dept>
>   ...
> </List>
> The nesting of joined result is automatic, and I found
> that it is very useful. so is there any similar tool
> that can be used to get similar result?

Have a look at <esql:group/>. It's not automatic as such but obtaining
a result like the above would be easy. Alas, the query needs to be
known beforehand.

An automatic tools would need to have more knowledge about database
metadata and parse the query.



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