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From Evan Sho <>
Subject Generate multi-level XML document using standard SQL select statement
Date Sun, 12 May 2002 17:17:52 GMT
Just tried MS SQL server 2000. I can type in browser:
http://localhost/mydb?sql=select * from dept, emp
where for xml auto&root=List

then, I will get XML:
  <dept id='10' name='Sales'>
    <emp id='10' name='King' salary='5000'/>
    <emp id='20' name='John' salary='200'/>
  <dept id='20' name='Account'>
    <emp id='30' name='Peter' salary='2000'/>

The nesting of joined result is automatic, and I found
that it is very useful. so is there any similar tool
that can be used to get similar result?


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