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From Nick Airey <>
Subject tomcat/jboss bundle problems
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 11:33:39 GMT
Hello everyone, 

I am having trouble integrating Apache into my jboss244/tomcat401 bundle
running my cocoon2.0.2 based application. I understand apache and mod_jk
configuration from the apache side fairly well.

Here are my woes:

Jboss244/tomcat401 can successfully be run with Xerces, as mentioned
plenty of times in this mail list. However, there seems to be an problem
in jboss244 when trying to load the mod_jk connector - the mod_jk
configuration in the jboss.jcml can only be parsed by crimson, not
xerces due to a bug in jboss244 ("toString()" is used in a non standard
way, and is implemented differently in crimson and xerces). This bug
results in mod_jk connectors not loading at all.

So I could either: 

(a) use crimson with cocoon


(b) upgrade to the latest jboss package: jboss2_4_6/tomcat4_0_3. 

Problem with (a): in the archives, many people say this is not possible.
Does this still hold for cocoon 2.0.2?

Problem with (b): the jboss246 code has solved the bug - ie mod_jk
connectors are now loaded when using xerces, however, there is now a
world of class loader problems getting cocoon to run on the
jboss-integrated Tomcat 4.0.3 - the instructions on the web & mailing
list are not directly applicable to the integrated tomcat in the
jboss/tomcat bundle.

Does anyone have cocoon running under tomcat403 running within the
jboss246/tomcat403 bundle?  If so, please post how you did it.


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