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From "Stephen Ng" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic sql in xsp
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 19:19:57 GMT

> Here I mean do not use include to include your XSLT generated 
> SQL, but access cocoon programmatically and get this SQL into 
> String. Then, you will have static XSP source.

Sounds good to me but I have absolutely no idea how to do this :-(.  Can
you give me a pointer?

> Have you considered SQL transformer? It works best here.

Hmmm, no, will check this out.

> > Could I take the dynamic xslt-generated sql string and 
> shove it into a 
> > cocoon parameter, and then read the parameter inside my xslt?
> Do you mean "inside my XSP"? Yes, you can do something like this.

Sorry, you are right; that's what I meant.  I am having some trouble
though which is probably related to your first suggestion.

I found this code in the archives:

     String myParam = "";

       myParam = parameters.getParameter("GeneratedSQL");
       System.out.println("param is: " + myParam);
     catch (Exception e)

And so I plug in:

    <map:generate type="serverpages"
      <map:parameter name="GeneratedSQL"

But all I get on the console is:

	param is: cocoon:/generatedSQL.sql

Thanks for your help,


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