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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject livesites:
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 21:45:20 GMT (currently redirects to but
that is only a temporary url)

This is the site of the "New Zealand Electronic Text Centre".

The site publishes books that have been scanned and marked up in "TEI"
format -

THere are only about 10 documents at the moment, but there's many more to

XSLT is used to convert the TEI documents to XHTML, and to extract portions
of the documents (chapters, etc).

DirectoryGenerator is used to produce a list of the documents available.

ImageDirectoryGenerator and XSLT is used to produce thumbnails from large
JPEG files.

XSLT is also used to add banners and navigation menus to the html, including
both static html files and the transformed TEI docs.

The site is generated off-line using Cocoon 2. In the end I used wget to
mirror the website because I couldn't work out how to make Cocoon produce
the web off-line, in command-line mode ;-)

The site was launched last night - today I've been sleeping late! ;-)

A big "thank you" to the entire Cocoon community for your work on Cocoon and
for the helpful advice!


Conal Tuohy

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