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From "Volker Schneider" <>
Subject FormValidator says always OK, but it is not!
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 10:49:46 GMT
Dear colleagues,

I'm using a form-validator with the validation-File (validation.xml) as

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

  <parameter name="startzip" type="string" min-len="5" max-len="5"/>

And I'm using the "startzip" input field im my form.

I have this action-set

    <map:action-set name="xy">

      <map:act type="form-validator" action="calculate">
         <map:act type="xyCalculateAction" action="calculate"/>


which is used in this pipeline

      <map:match pattern="xyAction">
        <map:act set="xy">

          <!-- parameters for form validation -->
          <map:parameter name="descriptor"

          <map:parameter name="form-descriptor"

          <map:select type="parameter">
            <map:parameter name="parameter-selector-test" value="{return}"/>

            <map:when test="OK">
              <map:call resource="viewpage">
                <map:parameter name="nextxsp" value="xy4"/>
                <map:parameter name="nextxsl" value="xy"/>

            <map:when test="LOGIC_ERROR">
              <map:call resource="viewpage">
                <map:parameter name="nextxsp" value="ErrorPage"/>
                <map:parameter name="nextxsl" value="ErrorStylesheet"/>

        <!-- ==== Error Page for FormValidator ==== -->
        <map:call resource="viewpage">
           <map:parameter name="nextxsp" value="FieldError"/>
           <map:parameter name="nextxsl" value="ErrorStylesheet"/>

If I put a wrong value (4 characters long) or a correct value (5 characters
long) into my "startzip"-Field, log file says:

DEBUG   (2002-05-13) 12:34.09:544
Servlet.Engine.Transports:10/AbstractComplementaryConfigurableAction: Using
cached configuration for xy/xml/validation.xml
DEBUG   (2002-05-13) 12:34.09:544
Servlet.Engine.Transports:10/FormValidatorAction: All form params
successfully validated

I always get a successful validation. My guess is, that I have something
more to say in the sitemap possibly about the form or the parameter to be
validated, but what?

Can anybody help me please?

Thank you, best regards
- Volker -

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