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From Erwin <>
Subject Re: DTD for the sitemap
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 11:30:43 GMT
On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, neil wrote:

> Has anyone come up with a reasonably rigorous DTD for the sitemap? I know
> its been talked about at various times, but I haven't found one yet.
> I've cobbled together the following DTD, which I find handy with emacs xml
> (psgml) mode. It handles the cocoon-2.0.2 sitemap OK and should be handy
> with other xml DTD aware editors. Any feedback and improvements would be
> welcome.
> The lack of "name groups" (a SGML DTD feature) in XML DTDs makes the DTD
> very repetitive and awkward to maintain.
I find it a good initiative that someone works on describing the structure
of the sitemap. But, wouldn't it be better easier to make an XML Schema
document? Is the group element from XML Schema not similar to "name
groups"? This would eliminate the repetition and make it less awkward.

There is a conversion tool, dtd2xs, which you can find at
The resulting XML Schema document may still need some manual labour

Just my two cents.

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