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From Erwin <>
Subject Re: pdf transformation and xml file sizes
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:08:42 GMT
On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Lajos Moczar wrote:

> In my experience, it is memory that is the key factor. Running with
> 512MB allocated to the JVM, I can produce 53 pages of PDF, but no more.
> I would have thought that SAX-based processing would allow you to
> process as much as you want, but obviously there is something with PDF
> documents that eliminates this advantage.
> Regards,
> Lajos
I am able to produce a PDF of +/- 250 pages with 256MB of heapsize, but
with no forward references. It is in fact FOP (in my experience) that uses
so much memory and that forms a barrier.

IIUC FOP has a Java object for almost everything on a page (if you have a
paragraph on a page that contains some inline elements, this is
encapsulated in a hierarchy of Java objects). Once a page is completely
created and every reference is resolved, it is converted into its PDF
equivalent, and the Java objects can be destroyed.

If you have a lot of forward references (e.g. for page numbers in a Table
Of Contents) it can take up a lot of memory, before everything is
resolved.  Therefore, I am not using a Table Of Contents at the moment.

I am not sure if this is completely clear, but this is my experience.

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