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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon & XHive
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:15:27 GMT

There's a thread called on the cocoon-dev list about XIndice (contents
below) and how Rogier was about to test XHive instead:

Subject: (dbxml) Generator vs Source


As I understood the xmldb-generator is to be deprecated in favor of the
xmldb-source. I extended the xmldb-generator to be able to pass a depth
parameter, as happens in the directory-generator. Although this worked
reasonably well, we had a lot of performance issues and therefore are
currently testing another xml database (X-Hive) and this leaves me with the
following questions:

Rogier Peters"


"I don't really mean Xindice has performance problems.

We are currently working on a system tying together Apache Slide with
Xindice as a backend, and Xindice and Cocoon as a frontend.

To this end we wrote a connector for Slide-Xindice and a custom
XMLDB-generator between Xindice and Cocoon. It's most likely that those
connections are the problem, but basically keeping this system running for
more than a couple of days on a 1Gb machine is not possible, due to memory

The site we're running has about 2000 xml content files and right now a
typical page with three level deep dynamic navigation, and starting out with
about 20000 lines of xml, will take about 10 secs to render.


Rogier Peters"

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