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From "Sreedhar Chintalapaty" <>
Subject RE: Tags: Passing dynamically generated values for parameters
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 13:36:52 GMT
> PS I think you can find most of the answers in the
> logicsheets bundled with the Cocoon.

Of course, but I often get lost (as, I think, most novices do) in them. It
can sometimes get really frustrating to go from show-stopper to another (due
to one's own ignorance, of course) - believe me, I have considered
abandoning the Cocoon approach altogether and stick with the
flawed-but-familiar JSP approach. The only reason I did not, is the power
and flexibility I can get from Cocoon when I understand it enough to use it

Anyway, I did not intend to make this an agony column ;-). I did want to
find out, however, if it would be useful to anybody if I documented the
recipe I found for parameter passing as a tutorialette.

Best Regards,


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