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From Steven Sedlmeyer <>
Subject Putting the esql:get-ascii inside CDATA block
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 17:06:24 GMT
I'm trying to place the results of an <esql:get-ascii column="foo"/> tag
into a cdata
block.  I've been able to get close, with the <> ending up in the text node
as &lt;
and &gt; but I can't get them inserted as an actual CDATA block.  Is there
some simple
solution I've missed or baring that, a hard one...?

I've tried variations of the following:

<![CDATA[<esql:get-ascii column="foo"/>]]>

// results in the text of the tag in the CDATA node


	<![CDATA[String cdOpen = "<![CDATA[";  ]]>
	String cdClose = "]]&gt";


//with various combinations of CDATA blocks and escaped characters in the
//<xsp:logic/> block 

and finally:

		StringBuffer bodyText= new StringBuffer("");
		bodyText.append(<esql:get-ascii column="foo"/>);
	<xsp:expr disable-output-escaping="yes"

// Same results except that the surrounding <body_text> node is now also
escaped and
// appears as part of the text node

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Steve Sedlmeyer, Inc.

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