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From "Franosch, Heike" <>
Subject RE: accessing session context from stylesheet
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:54:19 GMT
Hi Vadim,

sorry, but I still just don't get it. There is a knot in my head ....
I did some debugging and put some system.outs in the cocoon code.
In CocoonServlet in the service method the session is null, so it does
not come this far ...
I don't understand it.
1) I create my session in the servlet, I have a sesison id and put it
  with the help of the encode method to my URL. If I just take this session
  and call my servlet directly it finds the session just fine.
  If I use this same session id for cocoon the session is null
2) I use the session sample from the samples and take this session id for
  my call it works fine with my code.

What is the difference between those two session ids? My session is valid
but not found. The session from the examples is valid AND found.

Is it correct that CocoonServlet is the starting point, where tomcat
calls cocoon? If yes, then it must be something between my servlet and
doing the transformations ... Do you have a hint where I can look at?

Thanks, Heike

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