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From Joseph Rajkumar <>
Subject Re: Portal request
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:34:46 GMT wrote:
> Matthew,
> I was quite interested in sunSpot but have been unable to get past
> authentication. I get the error below. Note that I am just now learning
> Cocoon but I am specifically interested in developing corporate portals.
> RH Linux 7.2
> Tomcat 4.0.4b2
> JDK 1.4.0
> Cocoon 2.1-dev

	I am also getting quite desperate with the sunSpot
Portal. My environment is as follows:
OS: Mandrake-Linux-8.0 or Solaris-2.8
Java: JDK-1.4 or JDK-1.3.1_02
Tomcat: 4.0.1 or let me know what version to use

Cocoon from CVS Checkout this way April-25-2002

cvs -d \
-z3 checkout -r HEAD xml-cocoon

Build using this command: -Dinclude.scratchpad.libs \
-Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes \
-Dinstall.war=$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps install

It builds fine, but then when I invoke it using

I get the message that the servlet is not available.
Currently I am using JDK-1.3.1_02, TC-4.0.1, Mandrake-8.0

I have been successfully able to run Cocoon-2.0.2-bin
distribution, but when I get the Cocoon-2.0.2-src and
build it, I run into the same problems.

Joseph Rajkumar

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