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From Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer <>
Subject Generating Javadocs with JDK1.4 latest Snapshot using -subpackages hack results bizarre
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 03:24:17 GMT
Now Perry Faulkner introduced the fact that Java SDK 1.4 introduced 
-subpackages to replace the -version -owner flags to make this javadoc 
build work after one generates a verbose output log file of the initial 
build -verbose javadocs >> yourLogFile, and then take that long command 
near the end of the output where it fails and then pass the fix.

It worked for a while and then breaks.  So I decided to remove the 
offending path reference to 

or the .org.... path listing for the and reran the fix 
with the javadoc @myLogFileFix, for example.

Interestingly it generates the html reference APIs for everything 
underneath that directory, even though I removed the reference to it in 
the path file.

This just makes me want to know more how Cocoon is generating its API 
docs with the latest changes inside of SDK 1.4.



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