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From Marc Jeffrey Driftmeyer <>
Subject Re: Architectural question MVC
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 00:21:33 GMT
I suggest you read up on some Javadocs concerning WebObjects 5.1 and 
then the STRUTS Frameworks.  Is MVC a good idea?  Thats an emphatic Yes.

Is it just now filtering over more into the Java world, Yes and why it 
took so long to be so is beyond me.  Gotta love old habits dying hard.


Volker Schneider wrote:

>Dear colleagues,
>for developing a web application we thought about an architecture using the
>model-view-controller architecture pattern. Can somebody help me and say
>whether this is a good or bad idea?
>First the request goes to from a form to an action set, where the following
>things are handled in separate actions:
>- session validation
>- authentication validation
>- form validation
>The next action accesses the business logic and decides, which page will be
>shown next. Maybe business logic returns an error, so an error page can be
>displayed. The name of the next page will be stored in a request attribute.
>This action contains the pipeline which uses a serverpages-generator and a
>xsp-File. The xsp-File retrieves the stored results from the session and
>builds the input for the serverpages generator. The xsp will produce all the
>content needed for displaying the page, except the presentation information.
>Presentation information will be added through a transformer and a
>The last step is an ordinary html serializer.
>What do you think, is it too complicate? Will we get problems with
>performance? Is there an easier way to reach the same goal (MVC pattern)?
>What is a typical architecture using cocoon?
>Thank you, best regards
>- Volker -
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Please check that your question has not already been answered in the
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