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From Olivier Rossel <>
Subject Extracting an XML subtree with a transformer
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:56:21 GMT
I wish to extract the tag "/task/title" from my XML generated.
I think that using a XSL for that is a bit heavy, so I would like to use
an existing transformer.

I tried FragmentExtractorTransformer, but I think the name
of the tag that is used for extraction must be declared not in
the map:pipeline (instanciation part), but in the map:components 
(declaration part). Am I wrong?
It seems also that the tag must have a namespace or the transformer does 
not trigger.
Am I wrong?

So I have tried the FilterTransformer.
It seems that 3 parameters must be filled:
element-name (here i said "title")
but also the block number (what is it???)
and the number of rows(???)

It seems strange that those very specific transformers exist, and there 
is no default
transformer that can accept simply the name of a tag and extract the 
sub-tree that corresponds.

Any information is welcome.

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