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From Peter Flynn <>
Subject Re: Serving static XML files a la Cocoon-1
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:04:14 GMT
> You don't understand the Cocoon2 concepts at all.

I think you are deeply mistaken :-)

> It is nonsense to serve XML files with "their" XSL files : 

This is rubbish. Leave aside non-valid XML, as I don't use it.
All valid XML documents adhere to a DTD by definition (omit
Schemas, they're not relevant here). Each DTD has a stylesheet
to render documents of its class. I require to serve the XML
documents processed with the relevant XSL stylesheet into HTML.
Each XSL stylesheet "belongs" to a DTD: that is, it is written
to render documents written to that DTD.

> the principle 
> is to separe data and presentation, ie XML source and XSL.

Absolutely correct. This is what I do. I have a large number of XML
files and a very small number of XSL files (one stylesheet per
document type, modulo development).

Each document type (in effect, DTD) has one stylesheet at any given
point in time, so that all documents written to that DTD are served
in a uniform format.

Over time, a new format may be developed, at which stage it will be
useful to be able to edit the sitemap to make all XML documents of a
given type to use a new stylesheet. But this is a once-every-few-years
task, not something I change every five minutes.

> So you have to write a pipeline (or to copy/paste one from an existing 
> sitemap) to generate HTML stuff from XML by transforming it through XSL.
> The sample sitemap bundled with Cocoon offers these 'defaults' already.

If that is so, why does it not transform my sample XML document with
its accompanying XSL stylesheet?

> Please read the docs and reffer to the samples. They will learn you much.

I have. I learned a lot, but nothing that I wanted.

> >But I don't want to *generate* any XML. I already have XML documents.
> >
> Yes, you want !!!!
> In Cocoon2 terminology, "generate" means  you generate SAX events from a 
> source. 

Ah. That's useful to know. Doubtless this is documented somewhere. But
a quick scan of the docs shows generat[a-z]* is used with no

> In your case, the source is an XML document. So you have to use :
> <map:generate src="XXX.xml"/>

No problem there. Thanks.


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