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From Daniel Pfuhl <>
Subject get last modified from multistage transformation
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 08:04:36 GMT

i have something like i would call a problem :)
let me sketch the environment:

I do a multistage transformation like this:

menu.xml     content.xml
     |   (1)     |
      \         /
     (2)  +------date2xsp.xsl
     (3)  +---------- all2html.xsl

(1) Merging two xml-files 
(2) Add some Java-Logic-Stuff using xsl
(3) transform the merged and transformed xml again
    in order to get html for my browser

so far everything works fine for me, except when I 
try to get the last modified date for the content.xml
or the merged (content.xml + menu.xml)

in my xsp i also tried to access the
"dateCreated"-variable wich is by default added by
Cocoon to the
generated *.java but it changes everytime i request
the site - even if i don't change anything in the
content.xml or the menu.xml. is it wrong to assume
that cocoon will cache the merged pipeline-object
(result of first merge using content & menu)??

how can i pass through the last modified-date from
that early stage? before in cocoon1 or in a "simple"
transformation the solution using trhe servlet-
environment to get the path and from there the last-
modified-date works really fine - but not for this
more complex variation.

i think i am not the first one who has this problem,
am i? it would be very nice if there is somebody 
outside who has a deeper understanding of the things
going on inside cocoon than me at this time, who can
help me out or point me in the right direction.

nevertherless i have to say that c2 is really fun
developing applications.




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