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Subject Re: Simple esql problem - Oh I see the trouble.
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:03:48 GMT

Christian Haul says:
class not found".> Looks like there is a problem with your XSP or - if any - your
> logicsheets. There should be another message telling you exactly what
> went wrong. Cocoon is very verbose on errors so sometimes one doesn't
> spot the root cause.
> Your XSP will be transformed to a java file, here
> org/apache/cocoon/www/docs/ and then compiled to
> org/apache/cocoon/www/docs/myfile_xml.class
> (paths relative to $TOMCAT/work/localhost/cocoon/....)

I see the trouble.  My files are all in a subdirectory (say "myDir")
under docs.  Everything works except jsp where it will need to create
and run the servlet.  The "work" directory on contains "docs/samples",
"docs/myDir" isn't there, and that's the "class not found".

I left the "myDir" out of the code I posted here earlier to simplify
it.  I figured that was working since it's finding all my files fine.
How do I add additional directories under "docs" and get the right
directory structure to be created under

Thanks!  I'm making good progress!

Jeff Sexton
ODS Health Plans

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