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From Matthieu Sozeau <>
Subject Actions: FormValidator and dbAdd
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:43:58 GMT
I tried without success to pass this to cocoon:

      <map:action name="mydbAdd" logger="sitemap.homesite.action.dbAdd" src="org.apache.cocoon.acting.DatabaseAddAction"/>
      <map:action name="form" logger="sitemap.homesite.action.form" src="org.apache.cocoon.acting.FormValidatorAction"/>
    <map:action-set name="guestbook-process">
      <map:act type="form" action="Add-guestbook-entry">
	<map:parameter name="validate-set" value="add"/>
	<map:act type="mydbAdd"/>	  

And the pipeline:

      <map:match pattern="guestbook.xml">
	<map:act set="guestbook-process">
	  <map:parameter name="descriptor" value="context://mat/pages/descriptors/guestbook-form.xml"/>
	  <map:generate type="serverpages" src="pages/guestb.xsp"/>
	  <map:serialize type="xml"/>	  
	<map:generate type="serverpages" src="pages/guestb.xsp"/>
	<map:serialize type="xml"/>

But cocoon acts as if it only wanted just one at a time. I see my form parameters are succesfully
valitated, but cocoon pass to the map:generate part directly. 
I also know my SQL insertion work when this is the first map:act in my action-set.
I thought I could be context problem, but after watching the employee examples carefully (it
workforme), I'm really disapointed.

Any clue?

Here's the relevant log:
DEBUG   (2002-04-16) 00:33.37:912   [sitemap.homesite.action.form] (/cocoon/mat/guestbook.html)
Thread-91/FormValidatorAction: All form params successfully validated
DEBUG   (2002-04-16) 00:33.37:912   [sitemap] (/cocoon/mat/guestbook.html) Thread-91/InvokeContext:

Current Sitemap Parameters:
PARAM: 'message' VALUE: 'lllllllllllll'
PARAM: 'pseudo' VALUE: 'mmmmmmmmmm'
PARAM: 'rank' VALUE: '4'
PARAM: '../0' VALUE: 'guestbook.xml'

DEBUG   (2002-04-16) 00:33.37:913   [sitemap] (/cocoon/mat/guestbook.html) Thread-91/LogKitLogger:
Got a org.apache.cocoon.generation.ServerPagesGenerator from the pool.
DEBUG   (2002-04-16) 00:33.37:913   [sitemap] (/cocoon/mat/guestbook.html) Thread-91/LogKitLogger:
Got a org.apache.cocoon.serialization.XMLSerializer from the pool.

"Black holes are where God divided by zero." - Steven Wright

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