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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Putting the esql:get-ascii inside CDATA block
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 19:39:48 GMT
On 05.Apr.2002 -- 11:22 AM, Steven Sedlmeyer wrote:
> I'm pulling out a CLOB that may or may not have embeded HTML which may or
> may not be XHTML...  
> I then need to pass it on through a couple of stylesheets to format the
> results for a browser.  I'm trying to put the text into a CDATA block so
> that the embeded tags will not get processed by later stylesheets.
> My thought to date has been that I need the text data to be inserted into
> the CDATA block without having the "<" and ">" chars escaped so that any
> HTML tags arrive at the end of the pipeline intact.  Additionally, in all
> three methods, the "<" and ">" of any XML tags I attempt to insert around
> the text ("<![CDATA[]]>" and in the last case "<body_text/>" end up also
> escaped and thus treated as text by later stylesheets.

Sorry, but I still don't get what you want to achieve.

If the data is _not_ going to be processed by _cocoon_, you can just
print out the data. It will be contained in a text node and thus is
safe from further processing.

I believe that to the client HTML tags are reported, are they not?

If the data _shall_ be processed by _cocoon_, you'll need to ensure
valid (no: well-formed) XML is in your DB and can use e.g. <esql:get-xml/>


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