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From Peter Robins <>
Subject Re: Minimal Requirements
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 09:15:08 GMT
On Tuesday 02 Apr 2002 2:23 pm, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> > From: Peter Robins []
> >
> > Just tried this with 2.0.2: my docs etc plus core cocoon. However, it
> tries
> > to generate the cocoon documentation and the scratchpad as well, which
> I
> > don't want in my production environment. Is there a way to produce the
> webapp
> > without these (other than creating my own build.xml of course)?
> It just compiles and packages scratchpad.jar, it isn't going into WAR if
> no special option specified.

it creates an avalon.excalibur.scratchpad jar - or is that something else?

> Or, you can rm -rf scratchpad/src/*

No, scratchpad/src has to be present or it fails. However, I've since 
discovered that you can have an empty src/scratchpad/src and an empty 
src/documentation/images and it runs through happily. You can then delete the 
(empty) documentation in the war!

Also, although the cocoon jar is quite a bit smaller than the default, it's 
still not entirely clean. For example, I see hsqldb/Server.class in there, 
even though I'm not using hsqldb; also some deli classes even though I'm not 
using deli.

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