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From Steven Punte <>
Subject Cocoon vs EJB
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 04:08:24 GMT
Dear Cocoon User Group:

	OK.  Cocoon and the EJB world cannot be compared
	by-side since they are different beasts, but I put
	EJB in the subject because it represents the "J2EE
	Flag Ship;" at least, that is my perception.

	A better subject line could have been "Cocoon vs.
	JSP + ServerBeans + EJB" or similar.

	Never-the-less, I've been studying the hell out of
	EJB technology for the past two months, and EJB is
	suppose to be good stuff?

	Cases in point:
		o	One is suppose to write four, may six files
			for each EJB: XxxBean, XxxHome, XxxRemote,
			ejb-jar.xml, and now maybe XxxLocalHome and
			XxxLocalRemote (isn't that last one an 

		o	Adding another process space between the 
			servlet container and the database is a 
			good thing?  I don't care how much object
			pooling goes on.  The fastest software is
			software that doesn't exist.

		o	Entity EJB beans can provide caching, but 
			haven't databases been providing caching for
			the last two decades already?

		o	Ya, CMP EJB are nice, but plain old JDBC does
			most of this anyway WITHOUT any subclassing.

		o	Transactions?  Doesn't look that difficult with
			JTA, but I haven't done a project yet with JTA.

		o	Distributed EJB's for improved reliability?  Wow,
			there is sure a lot to potentially go wrong

	In summary:

		1)	For the complexity, has anyone found that the EJB
			technology really brings good stuff to the table?
			If so, are such projects mainstream, or somewhat
			corner case like the super high rel banking domain?

		2)	It seems like for nearly all projects, Cocoon
			a much functionality and productivity richer 
			starting base than what Sun is advocating.  
			But I'm probably preaching to the quire here.

          Inquiring Minds Want To Know: 
              Steven P. Punte
Steven P. Punte
Candlelight Software
By Candlelight If Necessary! 

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