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From Alexandru COSTIN <>
Subject RE: KrysalIDE for Cocoon2
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 17:27:32 GMT
	Never used emacs, but I have friends that use it for C editing with all
the code completion features.
	Anyway, (I don't want flame wars) is Emacs a real IDE? Plain XML
editing doesn't really help to develop Cocoon applications in a
productive manner.
	We would like (with KrysalIDE Enterprise) to reach the level of (for
example, because we are Ultradev extenders ourselves) Macromedia
Ultradev. Database bindings, visual editing, team work, etc.

	I understand that right now XML/XSL publishing is pretty difficult, but
if there are no tools for the large amount of wannabe gurus, the
technology won't be broadly accepted. There was a thread on this list
"why isn't Cocoon used in the commercial world". The missing tools are
one of the reasons.

	We are striving to make Krysalis/KrysalIDE very good for web services
development, because we think that this is the industry trend right now,
and Microsoft will educate lots of users/developers to use and create
web services, and some users will (eventually) want a free solution
(that's why Krysalis is right now, and probably Cocoon).

	Those potential users/developers will not use Emacs for editing, I can
bet on that. I am writing this email from Evolution/Redhat, and Open
Source software is what we do and use at InterAKT, but I didn't
considered migrating to Emacs while being a developer, nor I will
consider in the future.
	Anyway, this mail received 6 month ago might have converted me to
Emacs. Right now it's too late :)

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 20:04, Mike Haarman wrote:
> On 16 Apr 2002, Alexandru COSTIN wrote:
> > 	It was a very unpleasant experience, and I would like to know where are
> > those tools, because it might help us a lot ...
> >
> > > Developers of components/stylesheets are well-served by
> > > various IDEs already.
> > 	Can you write a list?
> >
> There are (SG|X)ML, XSL and DTD Emacs modes for editing with syntax
> highlighting, tag completion, DTD awareness, etc.  There is even a package
> by Ovidiu Predescu (Thanks, OP) which does processing of stylesheets via
> Saxon or Xalan from within Emacs.  Results can be previewed there or your
> favorite browser.  I believe this tool allows for the processing of XSP
> with command-line Cocoon, but I haven't used this feature.  I've used this
> set-up under Windows, Linux and Solaris and found it quite solid.  Since
> Emacs with JDE is my principal Java development environment this is a very
> convenient setup.
> Of the commercial tools, XMLSpy is quite well known.  Never used it.
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