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From Alexandru COSTIN <>
Subject KrysalIDE for Cocoon2
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:46:27 GMT
	I am Alexandru COSTIN and I am Product Manager at InterAKT Online.

	We are working on a architecture pretty similar with Cocoon2 one, but
based on the PHP application server, named Krysalis. While developing
Krysalis, we have seen the potential of a IDE for this kind of XML/XSLT
publishing framework.

	That's how KrysalIDE was born, and we have already released a
preliminary 1.0 Foundation version, that demonstrates some concepts
while not being very useful for production use.

	We have started now working on a commercial product, named KrysalIDE
Enterprise, that will have to allow web applications development with
ease. One of the most important features in KrysalIDE Enterprise will be
(we hope to get there) the Cocoon 2 support. That's why I would like to
find more things from you related to the Cocoon2 market. I would like to
know how many cocoon2 users are in the market, and how much development
was paid for the Cocoon2 sites development.
	More details on KrysalIDE can be found at

	I will also paste one of my mails to the current registered clients in
our Krysalis newsletter section, meant to reveal the most important
features of a IDE for XML/XSLT developers.


You are receiving this mail because we are willing to understand your
needs in the XML/XSL software development market.

As you already know, we are great supporters of the Open Source software
community, and we have a lot of products that are, and will be open
source. We are also a commercial a company, and we have to sell things
to continue providing quality solutions. 

That's why we intend to  create a powerful commercial extension to
KrysalIDE, KrysalIDE Enterprise. The extension will include new features
and it be a step closer to enterprise class application development with

The goals for KrysalIDE Enterprise are:
- help developers create fusebox web applications (complete separation
of content, application logic and presentation)
- help developers create web services (SOAP, WDSL)
- allow code reuse between web applications
- also support Cocoon2 as application server

I will outline the feature map below, to give you a clearer view on the
forthcoming product:
- improved project management (include wizards for web application
instant creation)
- sitemap visual editing (allow pipeline definition in an intuitive
- database bindings (create recordsets visually)
- taglib visual editors (introspect and parameterize the reusable code
- improved code editing (syntax highlighting, code completion for taglib
names and attributes)
- visual link between the XML trees and the XSL templates (to help you
link the data with the presentation layer)
- XML trees XPATH canonization (for easier viewing)
- SOAP services creation wizards (complete SOAP 1.1 implementation,
WDSL, UDDI and ebXML support)
- integrate a commercial DHTML viewer
- implement Cocoon2 support (use KrysalIDE Enterprise to develop
software for Cocoon2)
- Krysalis improvements
   - higher performance
   - cache per pipeline support
   - improved XML and code aggregation

We plan to release KrysalIDE Enterprise in the $200-$500 price segment.

I would really like to know you opinions on our goals.
- Would you support it, are you interested in this kind of product?
- What do you think on the price/features ratio?
- What would make you buy KrysalIDE Enterprise?
- What features are missing from our list?
- Do you plan to create powerful web applications for B2B communication?

Please don't hesitate to write me directly at Only
knowing our clients' needs we'll be able to create useful products.

More details on KrysalIDE Enterprise will be published son at :

Alexandru COSTIN 
Product Manager 
+401 411 2610 

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