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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Command line interface
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:25:56 GMT
> From: Graaf, Edgar de (fin) []
> Hi!
> Can someone explain how the command line interface works? When I try
to run
> it to see what happens I only get (in the end):
> DEBUG   10189   [manager ] (): JVM total Memory: 2220032
> DEBUG   10189   [manager ] (): JVM free Memory: 826256
> DEBUG   10189   [manager ] (): Memory is low = false

When I run it (using run.bat), I get:

ERROR   10191   [        ] (): Please, specify at least one starting
Please, specify at least one starting URI.

When I run it with -help parameter I get:

Apache Cocoon 2.1-dev
Copyright (c) 1999-2002 Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.

Usage: java org.apache.cocoon.Main [options] [targets]

        -b, --brokenLinkFile <argument>
                send a list of broken links to a file (1 uri per line)
        -f, --uriFile <argument>
                use a text file with uris to process (1 uri per line)
        -h, --help
                print this message and exit
        -v, --version
                print the version information and exit
        -k, --logKitconfig <argument>
                use given file for LogKit Management configuration
        -l, --Logger <argument>
                use given logger category as default logger for the
Cocoon e
        -u, --logLevel <argument>
                choose the minimum log level for logging (DEBUG, INFO,
                 ERROR, FATAL_ERROR) for startup logging
        -c, --contextDir <argument>
                use given dir as context
        -d, --destDir <argument>
                use given dir as destination
        -w, --workDir <argument>
                use given dir as working directory
        -P, --precompileOnly
                generate java code for xsp and xmap files
        -a, --userAgent <argument>
                use given string for user-agent header
        -p, --accept <argument>
                use given string for accept header
        -r, --followLinks <argument>
                process pages linked from starting page or not (boolean
                ment is expected, default is true)
        -C, --configFile <argument>
                specify alternate locatin of the configurationfile
                is ${contextDir}/cocoon.xconf)
Note: the context directory defaults to './webapp'

Isn't this information enough?


> Thank you,
> Edgar

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