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From "cyril vidal" <>
Subject fo2pdf serializer
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 18:16:02 GMT
Good evening,

I've got problems with transforming an xml document (CinemaFO.xml) into a pdf one (CinemaFO.pdf)
via an xslt transformation (CinemaFO.xsl).
I'm sure CinemaFO.xml and Cinema.xsl are valid because I've tested them by command line with
fop 0.20.3

To test my samples with Cocoon2, I've created a new clean environment, also a new directory
under $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ , e.g. essai. 
Under essai, I've created  the following repertory structure:  /static (including the file
CinemaFO.xml and index.html) and transforms(including the file CinemaFO.xsl), and I've also
copied over both $COCOON_HOME/cocoon.xconf and the $COCOON_HOME/WEB-INF directory.

The structure of my sitemap.xmap file (in directory essai) is following:

     <map:match pattern="index.html">
        <map:read src="static/index.html" mime-type="text/html"/>

    <map:match pattern="CinemaFO.xml">
      <map:generate src="static/CinemaFO.xml"/>
      <map:transform src="transforms/CinemaFO.xsl"/>
       <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

Theres is no problem with serving static document index.html.
But when I try to perform the xslfo transformation by requesting the URL:http://localhost:8080/essai/CinemaFO.xml,
I've got any message error (It means the server finds the files) but the browser (IE6) stays
completely white. With Netscape 6, the browser opens Acrobat reader, but there's a message
error, that indicates that an error occured at the opening of the pdf document.

What do you think is wrong?
Thanks a lot for your answers,

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