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From "Horst Rutter" <>
Subject weird ant behavior in eclipse
Date Sun, 07 Apr 2002 22:23:52 GMT
Sorry, I x-posted this in the interest of both audiences.

When I run my (cocoon) build.xml from the commandline everything works fine.
When I try to do this inside of eclipse I get the following error:

BuildException: C:\eclipse\workspace\xml-cocoon2\build.xml:1092:
C:\eclipse\build\cocoon\webapp\sitemap.xmap (The system cannot find the path

Here Ant is trying to locate sitemap.xmap in C:\eclipse\build\cocoon\webapp\
instead of: C:\eclipse\workspace\xml-cocoon2\build\cocoon\webapp\

Here is a snippet from the build.xml:

    <property name="tools.dir"      value="./tools"/>
    <property name="build.root"     value="./build"/>
    <property name="build.dir"      value="${build.root}/${name}"/>
    <property name="build.src"      value="${build.dir}/src"/>
    <property name="build.war"      value="${build.dir}/webapp"/>

=================================================================== -->
  <!-- Prepares the webapp
=================================================================== -->
  <target name="prepare-webapp" depends="copy-webapp">
      <!-- A task to change the xconf. It is used to add optional
components -->
      <taskdef name="xconf-tool" classname="XConfToolTask"

      <!-- Invoke the XConfTool to add optional entries -->
      <xconf-tool directory="${build.src}"

This is the target and location where Ant aborts, but this is not the main
I am doing a build webapp which is dependent on a couple of other targets
and also invokes the above.
Looks like the current directory pointer (.) got screwed up on the way and
therefore build.root is pointing to the wrong dir.
Why this only happens inside the eclipse IDE is smth that puzzles me..

Any comments are welcome,

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