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From "Chitharanjan Das" <>
Subject Urgent: Requirement - Ability to extract o/p from resources - SunShine developers - please peruse this and provide comments
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 22:04:56 GMT

Hello All,

I have the following requirement ....................

I have created a set of pipelines (resources) that execute a set of
logic and spit out XMLs (results)

Now What I want is that somehow get hold of that XML as  a String and do
further manipulations like sending the result to another pipeline for

To be more illustrative:

The resources are
	1. Validate Item
		<map:match pattern = "validateItem >
	2. Is present in Inventory
		<map:match pattern = "InventoryCheck" >
	3. GetPrice
		<map:match pattern = "priceValidate" >

In a XSP or an action , I would like to do the following
	DocumentFragment item =
	String itemXML = getXMLStringFromDocumentFragment(item);

	If(validate(itemXML) {
		DocumentFragment inventoryItem =
resource.getXMLData("InventoryCheck ",parameters);
	and so on ...........

Also I could use the above resources in pipelines using map:call to
generate html o/p

I am not talking in the blind here,
	The sunshine developers use this mechanism in authenticating a
user, creating a new user and so on..
  But their code is centric on using sunshine Component.

I was wondering, is there a standard way of doing this and is it
documented some place.

Thanks in advance,

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