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Subject Re: cocoon 2.0 with Tomcat 4.1 installation problems
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 15:49:40 GMT
I am new in working with Cocoon, I've installed Cocoon2.0 on Tomcat 4.0 
and yesterday I've made the instalation from zero with the latest 
Cocoon2.0.1 on Tomcat 4.0.1. 
I've used Coccon.war exactly as it is described in Installation 
instructions and everything is working well till now. 
I didn't changed any jars in Cocoon or Tomcat.
I only can advice you to clean the work of Tomcat every time you make a 
new *.war fie installation.
01/03/2002 17:42
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        Subject:        cocoon 2.0 with Tomcat 4.1 installation problems


I've spent several hours trying to install Cocoon2.0 on top of Tomcat4.1
and it still isn't running. I donwloaded version 2.0.1 and that wouldn't
build. So I downloaded version 2.0. According to the install instructions,
with Cocoon 2.0 and Tomcat 4.x, the setup is supposed to be a piece of
cake. Just run the build.bat, which will generate the
/build/cocoon/cocoon.war and then simply copy that cocoon.war into
tomcat/webapps. Then start up Tomcat and voila! When I start up Tomcat,
there's definite noise in my machine and cocoon begins to compile it's
classes, but I get errors from the Servlet Container when I try to hit it
via the browser. Primarily, can't find some classes and
NullPointerExceptions. I thought that the older version of the parser 
might have been it, and I tried putting in the latest xerces.jar inside
Tomcat and renaming the older .jar, but in any case Tomcat 4.x claims to
have the later xerces.jar version already. I was also using jdk1.4 and
thought that might have been a problem, because a version of xerces.jar is
included with that, so I installed jdk1.3, but I still get an error trying
to start up cocoon. Has anyone seen this? Should I be using an earlier
version of the products maybe?


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