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From Matthieu Benéteau <>
Subject RE: How to define custom parameter for map:serialize?
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 09:33:46 GMT
Hi Stefan,

> We have written a custom serializer and want to specify a custom
> parameter in the sitemap pipeline, not in serializer definition.
> This works
>   <map:serializers>
>     <map:serializer name="serializerxyz" mime-type="..." logger="..."
> src="...">
> 	<parameter name="param1" value="xyz"/>
>     </map:serializer>
>   </map:serializers>
> but the parameter is fixed for the whole sitemap.

This works because most serializers implement the
interface, which defines a "configure()" method.

> But we want to define the parameter in the pipeline like:
>     <map:match pattern="...">
>       ...
>       <map:serialize type="serializerxyz">
>         <parameter name="param1" value="xyz"/>
>       </map:serialize>
>     </map:match>
> How ist this possible? We found no fitting interface to accomplish this
> (SitemapOutputComponent does not define a "setup"-Method like
> OutputModelComponent).

This is currently not possible in cocoon 2.0.1 because serializers do not
implement the
interface (this interface defines a "setup()" method).

I don't know whether this behaviour will be available in a future release.
Does anyone know?


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