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From "Michael Riedel" <>
Subject entity catalog
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 02:12:42 GMT
I was just wondering, if it wouldn't be usefull to add some more entries to
the default entity catalog that comes with cocoon2. Recently I started to
use XHTML source files, instead of HTML4, and the file-generator always
wanted to get the DTD from the net. Since I prefer to work offline, I wasn't
able to to generate from those files at all.

Two simple lines in the "catalog" file fixed this problem, and now I can
work offline with my own version of the DTD. But I think it is quite messy
having to add such things to a configuration-file which influences the whole
cocoon system. It would be nice, if the default "catalog" file contained
some entries for DTD of files which are frequently used together with
cocoon, and if those DTDs were part of the distribution. (I'd suggest to
include at least the DTDs for XHTML, SVG, XSL. But I'm sure there are many

Since I like the concept of SubSiteMaps very much, it would be even better,
if the catalog would support a bit more modularity, too. I know, that this
is not possible by setting up some special pipelines or transformations to
handle Entities, because they cannot influence the parsing process. But
maybe there is some other possibility, e.g. by specifying an own catalog for
each pipeline. Or it could be achieved by redefining the file-generator
telling it which entity-resolver the underlying parser should use.

Is there already another posibility to handle catalogs a cleaner way? (I
know, I often oversee such important things.) If not It would be great to
include some more stuff in the default "catalog" file, or to think about how
to improve the handling of catalogs.

Hope someone is interested in discussing this topic,

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